Jordana Luchetti

Jordana Luchetti

Public Relations

TV and Radio Host. Digital Influence. Publication Relations Specialist with Certification in Public Relations and Marketing from Cape Cod Community College. Social Media certification from Workforce Education Resource, Massachusetts. Juris Doctor specializing in federal taxes. Graduate of Universidade do Paraná, Brazil. Leader´s title from CLI (Community Leadership Institute) of Cape Cod. Business Mastery Certified from Tony Robbins Research International, Inc.

The Brazilian Jordana Luchetti, has excelled on the Cape Cod area of Massachusetts, with her work in the field of Public Relations, Social Media,  Social Columnist of Brazilian Times, Public Speaker and Tv/Radio Host.

She is a lawyer and pianist by training but a communicator by nature.

By playing the piano, she has also been invited to participate in important events for the Brazilian and American communities. “I am very happy with everything that has happened. My life is taking wonderful course and I’m doing what I like, which is communication, ” she says.

According to Jordana, its entry in the world of communication has been happening naturally. Born in Cianorte (Paraná), speaker’s daughter Osvaldo Camargo, radio host and Alice Luchetti de Camargo ,hairstylist daughter, she graduated in Brazil, obtained registration of OAB (Order of Attorneys of Brazil), but she was not done. It was when she decided to come to the United States. As always liked communication and she plays the piano since age 7, was to mingling with the Brazilian community, learning English and making several parallel work, including early childhood education and home daycare. “Everywhere I worked I always met many people and took customers, so, a  friend suggested I should take Public Relations College”. She says.

Jordana followed the advice and went to the Cape Cod Community College and began to devote herself to communication. She attended several customers and also did Public Pelations Branecc (Brazil New England Chamber of Commerce).

Jordana Luchetti

It’s been almost a decade ago since Jordana started her journey in the United States. She has devoted herself increasingly to bridge the gap between Brazilians and Americans, using the communication channels as a platform to establish and strengthen relationships. She was already a host of the program “Dialogue” at Rede ABR – A Brasileira (WBAS 1240 AM), Monday to Friday, from 2 to 3 p.m, along with Fabio Dias in 2015.

Jordana was also a host at ViewPoint Show  on RIT TV, she shared the presentation with the lawyer Ludo Gardini and in addition, she publishes  a column in Brazilian Times newspaper weekly depicting important events in the Cape Cod area.

She is a host at Metrópole America Show. Today she still works as Social Columnist of Brazilian Times - Cape Cod with Jordana.

Brazilian Consulate of BostonJordana Luchetti was chosen the spokeswoman of the Council of Brazilian Citizens in the USA 2018-2020, by the Brazilian Consulate of Boston. She is the CEO and Founder of JLC Public Relations and Marketing, Public Relations, Business Coach, Event and TV Producer and Realtor.

She is the presenter of the most important events of the Brazilian Consulate in Boston.

Jordana Luchetti was nomited as Digital Influencer of Globo International Channel in USA and Amazon Influencer 2019.

She has competed and won awards such as Notable USA 2015, Personalities of the Year 2016, Influence on the Digital Media 2016 Press Awards, Columnist of the Year 2017 Focus Brasil Miami and Boston, and she spoken as a Digital Influencer speaker at Focus Brasil in Boston -  2018.

She is writting the book "Be the Voice of Your Audience," the Power of the Authenticity and Communication Today.

And "How to expand your Business outside Brazil", expansion´s methods to help entrepreneurs in their business.

As a Digital Influencer JL has a huge impact on social network with more than 240K followers in Instagram  26K connections in Linkedin and more than 20K people on Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube. (New Channel will be launched in July of 2019) The numbers are growing by the day.

She does many advertise campaigns
Broadcasting venues with a huge return on investment for the companies that choose Jordana to star in their advertising campaigns.

She is part of the group of companies that had participated in the Business Mastery event of Tony Robbins in 2017 and she worked on it in 2018 and in July and November for UPW (Chicago 11K New York 12K people)  Los Angeles 2019 - 15K people - She crewed as Event Production and now Business Mastery in August 2019 as a team again.
Formed in NLP and Date With Destiny by Tony Robbins in 2018.

MISSION: To be number one Company in the world to Connect the best Experts in each area with their ideal audience and to promote Portuguese Business Events everywhere the language is spoken.

VISION: To be the largest Reference in Events of human and corporate development in Portuguese outside Brazil.

REASON FOR BEING: Bridge the gap between Portuguese needs and business with all different cultures in the world.




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